Welcome to Telugu Kala Samithi, Bahrain....

Telugu Kala Samithi (TKS) is a social & cultural entity in the Kingdom of Bahrain established with an aim to serve within its capacity the underprivileged in the island, especially the Telugu Expatriate Community (over 50,000 residents in Bahrain) hailing from different states of India and majorly from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

TKS has always been in the forefront to support the needy under privileged societies covered under Ministry of Social Affairs. We have extended our helping hand to the HOME FOR DISABLED Our services and contributions received wide appreciation from the concerned Ministries. We are also constantly engaged in resolving social and labor related issues of the Telugu community in Bahrain, by working closely with the Indian Embassy. Our services extend beyond providing moral & financial support to those in need (Assist in resolving workers disputes with the local agencies or sponsors, Support in repatriating the workers in distress or with expired work permits and in transporting the deceased bodies of the workers in case of unfortunate death in the island or conducting last rites as per the required custom etc..)

Service to the telugu community in Bahrain...

One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind, said US astronaut Neil Armstrong, after he took his first step after landing on the moon.

The present TKS members can also say the same thing about a group of telugus who worked overtime over a decade ago to establish a telugu club, which we�re now members of. But for their whole-hearted efforts, the Telugu Kala Samithi we see today would not have been possible.

Their small step a decade ago has now become a giant leap for telugus living in Bahrain. The feeling of belonging to the community that bound people ten years ago, still binds us like nothing else. That is the sole reason for the membership of the TKS to shoot up like never before, especially this year.

We, as a telugu people should be truly proud of TKS� achievements, which span not only cultural activities, which are the mainstay of any club, but also serving the Indian community at large, especially those who have nowhere to turn to � the labourers, house maids etc.

For the members, the club provides many activities which satisfy almost every need of the members. Games, quizzes, competitions, sports , cultural programmes, dances, dramas, skits, singing competitions, plus a whole lot of self-improvement programmes conducted by eminent personalities in their field are just some of the activities.

Further, aerobics, yoga, painting and other health and lifestyle classes are held from time to time.

What�s worthy of note is that many TKS members contribute their time and talent to the furtherance of the clubs image. If you think all of these achievements are worthy of being praised, then save your kudos for TKS� mega show held every year.